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The Much Music special

Featuring interviews/videos from Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Blur, Louise, Coldplay, and Radiohead. This isn’t a complete transcript of the program, as I didn’t watch it all and mainly only paid attention to the parts about Kylie. The interviews with Blur, Coldplay and Radiohead won’t even be mentioned. Sorry!

Robbie Williams was interviewed first, by Sook-Yin Lee, a MuchMusic VJ. The interview included clips of Robbie live and in the studio recording… namely Supreme and Kids (Kylie was shown too – the caption reading “Robbie asked his good friend Kylie Minogue to duet with him on Kids”).

They talked about a previous interview conducted in Canada in February of 1999 when Robbie had been busy touring and doing publicity (I assume for The Ego Has Landed). They talked about his stardom and how things had changed and how he’d grown as an artist.

One question had SY asking Robbie if, when he’s home alone on the loo in just his black ankle socks, he ever “soak[s] in the wonderful thing that is Robbie Williams?” that got a big laugh from his entourage, a “Not often no” response from Robbie, which led to her follow up “Not even a little bit?” which of course sent Robbie off on a stand up riff about his “little bits” and what she was implying.

MuchMusic is a Canadian/North American cable-TV music station. This special counts as a rare appearance for Kylie on North American TV!

Check this page for future screenings – it’s currently listed as playing on MuchUSA also.

The interview segued into his Rock DJ video.

Following the video for the Spice Girl’s “Let Love Lead the Way,” the Kylie interview began.

I’m not a professional reporter; I’ll try and be as clear as possible, while capturing the spirit of the interview and Kylie’s replies. I’ve done my best to include details as best I can, but describing things like what Kylie was wearing will be a little sketchy.

There are two times where I couldn’t understand what was being said, which is notated by a (?).

The interview begins with an outdoor shot of the Sanderson Hotel, dissolving to a shot of Sook-Yin and Kylie. SY sits catty corner from Kylie’s left side in two silver and off-white love seats. Kylie is wearing a purple, patterned slip-type dress and she’s very casual looking.

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