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The Best Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

Are you confused over what to buy a music lover? Or for your kid who aspires to be a musician? Whatever the case, I have been there, and I am here to help! Buying gifts for musicians or music lovers can be a daunting task when you don’t know what to gift.

There are so many things you can gift a musician. But which one will be the best?! How can you buy perfekte Geschenke für 14 Jährigen Jungen who just started to learn the guitar?

To make life easier for you, I am going to share some of the best gifts every musician or music lover will love.

A quick guide on gifting options

Before diving into the list of gifts, let me tell you that you should know what kind of music or instrument your friend or child is into. It doesn’t make sense to give guitar straps to someone who plays the drum.

Therefore, I am going to break down the list of gifts depending on the kind of instrument and the kind of musician.

Gift for Guitarists


Slide Ring

A slide ring is a good option for anyone who plays the guitar, especially for the blues guitarist. It is different from the traditional ring that covers your entire finger. You either use the ring or slide it away and use your finger to play the chords.

Guitar Smartphone Holder

A guitar smartphone holder is a cool gift for a guitarist that can save them a lot of trouble. They can fix the holder on the guitar, open a chord site and start playing. Players don’t have to hunch over a laptop to read chords or music sheets.

Clip lock Guitar Strap

A clip-lock guitar strap makes it super easy for guitarists to switch from one guitar to the other. Any guitarist will be thrilled to receive a guitar strap as a gift.

Gift for Drummers


Drumstick Bag

If your friend is a beginner, then a drumstick bag is a must-have for all drummers. Misplaced drumsticks or brushes are a horror for most drummers.  A neat stick bag will help in keeping things intact.

Drum Rug

Drum rug is an important but often overlooked accessory among drummers. When drummers hid the pedals, the drum set may have the tendency to move forward. These drum rugs help in keeping the set in place.

Practice Pad

It goes without saying that a practice pad is essential for every drummer. Drummers can quietly practice their technique, speed, coordination on these pads for hours. They are a great help to improve a drummer’s skills.

These pads are portable, and a good size is the 6-inch pads that are slightly quieter than the larger ones.

Professional Cymbal Set

Cymbals define the character of the sound and quality of every drummer. They take pride in their cymbal sets. Drummers have the tendency to break their cymbals by hitting too hard. Many beginners may even have cracked cymbal sets.

Therefore, buying a professional cymbal set for a music lover may be a great gifting option.

Gifts for Violinists


Violin Strings

Violin strings are pricey, and violinists should change their strings at least once a year. Hence, any violinist would love violin strings as a gift. Remember to purchase good-quality strings such as Obligatos and Evah Pirazzis.

Perfection Pegs

Perfection pegs are an upgrade from wooden pegs and make tuning super easy for any violinist. They work like the tuning pegs on guitar and fixes to the violin in a matter of seconds. These pegs are a great gifting option for both beginners and advanced players.

Violin Rosin

Every violinist knows how important rosin is to produce good sound quality. Rosin is applied to the bow hairs to provide friction between the strings and the bow hairs. Therefore, good rosin is essential to keep the violin working.

General Gifts for Music Lovers

Recording Microphone

Every musician needs a good recording microphone to record songs or music. You should choose a  microphone that cancels excess noise and handles a high amount of sound pressure levels. It is easier to choose a microphone that comes with a mic stand.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Every music lover will appreciate a good portable Bluetooth speaker. These speakers easily connect to any phone or laptop via Bluetooth and play music on the go.

Voice Dampener

A voice dampener is a great music tool for every musician, especially if she/he is a singer. A dampener cancels very high sounds so that the neighbors can be at peace when a singer starts singing. Singers can use a voice dampener to sing loudly, even in closed rooms or small spaces.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of gifting options will help you decide on the best gift for your friend. If you have better ideas, then I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.