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K2k: the 2000 mailing list CD-ROM

Here are the current suggestions for the CD:

Track Help needed?
Kids demo version Yes
Kids live: TOTP
Your Disco Needs You (all language variants)
Dancing Queen (studio version) Yes
Spinning Around 7th District Vocal Mix
Spinning Around live: Radio One Roadshow, TOTP
On an Night Like This live: Radio One Roadshow
The Reflex
The Real Thing (plus any remixes)
Butterfly (Sandstorm and Trisco mixes)
Olympics/Paralympics performances: Waltzing Matilda, Celebration
Interview CD Q&A;
East Timor performance for the INTERFET troops: Jingle Bells Rock, Rockin’ Robin
Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend at the FOX Studios opening
Any missing Rapino Bros tracks Yes
Tell Tale Signs performed live on Hey Hey in 1989
Mushroom 25 medley (real-live version)
Help (John Lennon tribute performance)
Any more ideas? Tell the list! Fan remixes would be great.

If there’s a “Yes” in the right column, that means we still need to find someone with the track. Can you help? Please don’t send attachments yet – I’m just keeping track of who’s got what. (When we draw closer to a final track listing, I’ll need to call on the list to help with distribution… stay tuned.) Also, please note that the final cut will not carry any tracks that would compete with any official release.

And, of course, we’ll need to start a design competition for the cover…

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